torsdag 7 juni 2012

A free course meal

I received an email yesterday, from Udacity, saying they're launching 5 new online courses. I took one of their courses this spring ("CS#373 Programming a Robotic Car"), and I think they're an excellent alternative if you're looking to broaden your knowledge (for free) and get a basic understanding on new topics. All it costs is your time (which is precious enough, i know!).
The new courses are: "Intro to Physics", "Intro to Statistics", "Algorithms", "Logic and Discrete Mathematics" and "Software Testing".

While I'm at it, I should mention a few other (free) online educational organizations, which I have personal experience from:

I took their Machine Language course this winter, which was then just a prototype. Taught by Stanford professor Andrew Ng, it was a great experience, that gave me a lot of insight into this, for me, new area.

Coursera seems to have a wider span of science topics, whereas Udacity seems to focus more on software development.

I feel one can't mention online education, without also bringing up Khan Academy, the institution that pioneered it all, and also has gamified the experience the most. It presents (mostly) mathematical topics in a very personal and charismatic way, with ways to practice them for those who want to. A great way to freshen up your linear algebra for the other courses, perhaps?

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